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How can Chinese Medicine be of help to you:

There is a long history and deep tradition to Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. It’s resilience through the ages is due to it’s effectiveness. The medicine takes an holistic approach by working with the body’s functional energy, or Qi (pronounced /chee/; also spelled as Chi or Ki) and ensuring it’s smooth flow through the body. Ensuring the full, smooth flow of Qi provides stress relief and relief from aches and pains, both skeletomuscular (neck pain and stiffness, shoulder or arm pain, back pain, and sciatic and leg pain) as well as other body pains such as headaches and abdominal pains. 


The undisturbed flow of Qi provided by acupuncture treatments can help improve energy, sleep, and digestion. It can also be a benefit during weight loss as well as when trying to quit smoking.


Part of Qi’s function is to protect the body; helping to regulate the flow of Qi during the early stage can help speed recovery from illness. Similarly, treatments can help harmonize the body through the seasons providing relief from allergies. 


And with that, never forget that Chinese Medicine is working to keep the body’s Qi full and flowing unrestricted. Regular treatments work as preventive care, to keep the body functioning properly!

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