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Patient Information

I'm excited to welcome you to my passion!

Traditional Chinese Medicine has centuries of use under its belt. This resilience is due to its effectiveness, which comes from an outlook of an interconnected body and strategies of treatment to help improve the flow, movement, and communication within.

You can quickly go and read about the different treatment strategies here.  If you would like to learn a little about me, that would be here

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New Patient Information

For those who are new to acupuncture, do not worry! I will work my very best to keep you comfortable and relaxed. Below, you will see a link for New Patient Paperwork; thank you very much for taking the time to fill it out. If you cannot print it, do not fret; just arrive about 15-20 minutes early and you fill it out here.

This is an energetic medicine, and it takes energy to move energy. Moral of the story is please have something to eat and drink before your treatment. It's important to be comfortable, so it's best to wear loose fitting, comfy clothes.

For more information about acupuncture (or any therapy offered) click here. Thank you kindly for giving me the opportunity to help you find balance. 

Auto Accidents & Workers Comp

Motor vehicle accidents cause trauma to both the body and the mind. The effects on the body may be felt right away, or sometimes they may not show up for days or weeks. They can include neck pain from whiplash, low back pain, headaches, and possible injury to the legs or arms.

Beyond the body pain, there may be other symptoms that occur; often people may become anxious, have poor sleep, or may develop digestive symptoms.

All of these symptoms can be treated by acupuncture and the other therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please see the link below for Auto Accident Paperwork. If you have not been treated by Matthew before, please also fill out the New Patient Paperwork.

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Insurance & Self Pay

If you have insurance with

then it is possible your acupuncture and other alternative modalities are part of your coverage. A courtesy check can be done, however, to fully understand all the benefits of your insurance, it's best if you contact them. Click the link above to either sign on or contact your insurance; make sure to ask about both alternative and physical therapy coverage.

If you don't have insurance, there are self-pay prices available.

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