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Welcome Year of the Water Rabbit

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Today marks the first day of the Chinese New Year, as we move from the year of the Water Tiger into the Year of the Water Rabbit. Each year, we move into a new animal of the zodiac (rat, ox, tiger, RABBIT, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig), which are also known as the 12 Earthly Branches and are associated with a connection to nature and earthly destiny. These are connected above to the Qi of Heaven: the 10 Heavenly Stems. These are a cycle through the Yang and Yin aspects of the 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, water. In this regard, this year is associated with the Yin Water (last year was Yang Water during the year of the Tiger). The cycle of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches creates a 60-year cycle.

If you are turning some multiple of 12 this year, you are most likely a Rabbit. Most likely, because the Chinese New Year starts sometime late January to early February due to the fact the Chinese calendar is lunar, or works by the moon. If you were born early in January, there’s a chance then you could be Tiger. If you happen to be turning 60 years old this year, you have made it through your 60-year cycle and were born in the last year of the Water Rabbit!!

As are their animal counterparts, Rabbits tend to be gentle and peaceful in manner. Always thoughtful, they are patient in their decisions and think through their actions looking for danger around each corner. Family and friends are usually very important to Rabbits, with problems around family causing a lot of stress for them.

With every year, there are some signs that fare better than others. Usually, the same sign of the year usually poses problems. However, this year will tend to be better for Rabbits than most. Each zodiac is associated with a certain element, and the rabbit is associated with the element Wood. In this year of the Water Rabbit, the water is nourishing to the Wood element Rabbit, promoting a more positive year for them.

The signs that might have a more difficult year are Dogs, Horses, Goats, and Pigs.

The signs to have a good year during the Year of the Rabbit are Oxen, Tigers, and Snakes.

The fun thing when reading about what to do to make good fortune for the year is how the suggested actions are things we should generally be doing with our days! For those looking to have a good year, it is suggested to be thoughtful in your words and your actions when interacting with others, being careful not to burn bridges or push off those who can be of help. Be thoughtful not to rush to judgements or into the unknown, making sure to be cautious and plan through new ideas and adventures. This would also be a good year to strengthen your connections with friends and family, and to renew old friendships that have been on your mind.

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