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Spring: Nature Wakes

The spring equinox brings nature’s nap to a close and begins the time of growth and

regeneration that has been dormant during winter. The cold days give way to sun and warmth, melting away the snow, and thawing us from our own slumber and conservation through winter. Spring is the time to break up and out, looking not just to enjoy the sprouting of nature around us, but to look for our own opportunities to grow.

In Chinese philosophy, Spring is associated with the element of Wood, as it is the season when trees begin their growth for the year. In Chinese Medicine, the organs associated with the Wood element and Spring are the Liver and Gallbladder. The Liver is considered the Official of Strategic Planning (often referenced as the General), while the Gallbladder gives the ability to make decisions and judge wisely. Together, these two organs help our planning for the future and decision making. The Liver is said to be in charge of vision; it brightens our eyes through its connection with the blood. This is both in the literal sense of seeing and in how we envision our future plans. The emotion of Wood is anger; when we find ourselves blocked from attaining our envisioned goals, anger ensues.

Harmonize with the Season of Spring

Winter was the time of rest and conservation. It was the season of warming foods and inward movement. Spring is when we should be looking up and out. It is the time to begin enjoying the longer days. Starting the day with a nice walk outside can help bring you into harmony with nature and the season. The idea for Spring is new beginnings, making this a good time to search out new things to try. To help balance the Liver further, trying something new that you have envisioned yourself learning can help fulfill plans made. And keep making those plans! Work with the Spring energy to prepare for the future, setting goals and envisioning how to bring these to fruition through our active time of the year.

If you are feeling stuck in your ideas and planning, Acupuncture treatments can help open that Liver energy to get those creative juices flowing. Through opening the Liver, acupuncture can help balance the emotional frustration or anger that comes from feeling bottled up, and can help you feel more balanced to take on those activities you see yourself doing. Bringing harmony to the Gallbladder through acupuncture can often help people better manage the decisions they are trying to make to follow through with their goals. Appointments will commence in about 2 weeks, April 7th. You can call 541-318-1000 to set up an appointment; please know the office is short staffed right now, so you may have to leave a message.

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