Spring: Nature Wakes

Spring brings longer days, shorter nights. As Nature wakes from its slumber, so is it time for us to get moving and be more active.

Your Body, the Garden

I grew up the son of a landscaper. I would go out to work with my dad during summer vacations; I would dress up like him for career day...

Acupuncture Helps the Cytokine Storm

Acupuncture can help mitigate the cytokine storm, which can be occur during an infection (like COVID-19) or in autoimmune disorders.

In the Moves: the Yi Jing

Anyone who’s been on my table getting a treatment knows that I’m sort of a movie junkie. Maybe I should clarify that: I am a junkie for...

Yin and Yang is Night and Day

Yin and yang are all around us. It is the turning of the day. It is the movement of the seasons. It is in the art we pass every day.

Before Needles: Tui Na

Before acupuncture, the hands were used to activate the movement of Qi. The different techniques of Tui Na are used to achieve that goal.

What's the Point? Hé Gǔ, LI4

Acupoint LI4, He Gu, is a great point to help with headaches, but should be avoided during pregnancy.