COVID-19 Update

Vaccines are rolling out, in fact I'm going for my second shot tomorrow evening. I'm preparing with my Herbal Immune Boost Formula. But even after being immunized, I want to make sure everyone around me is still safe, so I will continue to mask up, keep my physical distance when being social, and wash/sanitize hands as often as I can! I know it's been a long year, but maintaining those precautions is still an important measure for those who may carry the coronavirus without symptoms to be kind to those who are vulnerable. 

IF YOU ARE FEELING COVID-19 SYMPTOMS OF FEVER, CHILLS, COUGH, AND SHORTNESS OF BREATH, PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER AND FOLLOW THESE RECOMMENDED STEPS! I ASK ANY PATIENT'S WHO ARE ILL TO BE THOUGHTFUL OF OTHERS AND STAY HOME TO RECUPERATE. If you have been traveling to areas with high COVID-19 positive testing, please be thoughtful of not just the clinic but also the community as a whole and take time to quarantine to prevent possible spread of infection.