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My Coronavirus Vaccination Experience

I have a number of doctors and nurses that I treat that have received their doses of COVID-19 vaccine. In speaking with them, they had reported mainly symptoms of fatigue, body aches, and general malaise. Well, last Thursday I was able to get my second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination, so I would like to give an update of my experience.

First Dose Outcome

On 1/21, I went in for my first dose in the evening time. It was an easy drive up to Redmond that day, but it was busy once I got there, with a line of about 15-20 people. Luckily, everything was set up pretty efficiently, and the line moved pretty swiftly. After you get your shot, you need to sit for 15 minutes to make sure there are no adverse reactions going on.

As I often heard with the first dose, there was a soreness to my arm where the injection was done, but that was all I had. I have heard some state there is a headache with the first does, but I did not get that. The arm soreness lasted about 2 days, then all felt better.

Second Dose Outcome

Last Thursday (2/11), I went in for the second dose. It was a snowy day, and getting up to Redmond was a long haul. Whether it was the weather or what, it was not a busy day out there, with no one in line, and I moved through to my shot pretty quickly.

Just shy of 24 hours later is when I started to notice some symptoms. First thing I felt was a slight feverishness come over. Very mild, but since I was at home and not seeing anyone, I did not take my temperature. Along with the elevated temperature was a mild sense of chills. It was that experience of feeling warm, but just wanting a light blanket on me. Then, I began to notice some tension and ache in my neck. I took a dose of Ge Gen Tang (Chinese herbal formula for just those symptoms) and I could feel the symptoms gently lift after about 15-20 minutes. A few hours later, I could feel the same thing come on, but with a little more ache down the back. A combination of Ge Gen Tang and another formula, Jing Feng Bai Du San, and again, the symptoms alleviated a bit after about 15-20 minutes. What also was present was the fatigue, and that evening I went to bed a bit earlier than usual. By the next day, however, I had no residual ache, fever, or chills!!

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