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Coronavirus Herbal Immune Boost Formula

We have gone through an overview of COVID-19 and its different stages and how they are treated. Here, let’s talk about the modified herbal formula that is now available in the office that has been recommended for boosting immunity to help mitigate the effects of coronavirus.

The ultimate goal in Traditional Chinese Medicine is prevention! Though we help resolve disease after manifestation, our goals during treatment are to improve all the functions of the body so that it can interact with the world harmoniously, adjusting as it needs to stay in balance. The main Chinese Herbal formula that helps boost immunity and protects from the invasion of external evils (yeah, that’s TCM) is called Yu Ping Feng San, Jade Windscreen Decoction. Of the 3 herbs that make up this formula, the Chief herb is Astragalis, a Qi tonic that fortifies the Qi of the entire body, and specifically benefits the defense Qi of the body. To this, there are 2 other herbs that help strengthen the Qi and act to guard from the exterior.

To this general immune formula, 2 herbs are added that have been shown to have antiviral effects. The final component of the formula is an herb that aids in digestion. This last herb, Chen Pi, is somewhat of a cousin to penicillin; if you are allergic to penicillin, you should not take this formula.

As we have seen, there is very little true prevention for coronavirus. The very best is to wear masks, keep physically distanced, wash your hands, and be thoughtful if you are feeling any of the related symptoms and stay home. This formula is to help improve your immunity and strengthen the constitution. The antiviral herbs present are there to support the immune system in the cases of either early infection or an asymptomatic carrier.

Let’s all keep doing our best when out and about to keep infection rates down, helping the first responders care for those who are currently sick. If you want an extra bit of immune boost, give a call, 541-318-1000, and come on into the office……...don’t forget your mask though!

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