Winter Clean Up Guide

February 27, 2019


Well, Old Man Winter gave us a little visit this week. It was pretty magical and beautiful to watch. What has not been beautiful and magical is the clean up afterwards. Shoveling the driveway and sidewalks for three days straight can and may have resulted in some shoulder issues, arm pains, neck pain, and/or back pain.



If you are still needing to clean up some of your snow, there are some things you can do to try and help your body. First, by a snow blower...back problems solved! OK, not everyone can go do that. The next thing is body mechanics. If you have a spot to push the snow to, that will give your back the biggest break of all. Once that gets filled, you want to make sure to push and lift with your legs and do as little twisting as possible when you have to lift the snow higher. You also want to switch sides, giving each side a break as you make your way through the snow. And it is a little late to tell you now, but for next time, try to keep up as it falls through the day, making the shoveling weight a lot less.


But with the ground areas done, we cannot forget about what is above…..on the roof. A couple years ago, we had our last big snow storm cycles resulting in a number of homes being damaged by the melt off. Cleaning the snow off the roof becomes important to protect against this damage. If you cannot hire someone for the job, a roof rake is a good alternative. There are a few different types out there and it may take trying them out to find the best fit. Getting out the ladder and on to the roof is always an option. If you go this route, please be safe. Having someone with you in case of an accident is important. Either route you go, you do need to have some knowledge of your roof layout; knowing where your roof vents are will help keep you from damaging them.


While you are doing the work, be mindful of your exposure to the cold. Over-exertion at the temperatures we have had can be hard on the heart. You need to take breaks from the hard work to eat and drink and rest. Oh, and make sure to hydrate! We don't think about that much in the winter, but as you are working, most likely bundled up, you are still sweating. You need to replenish that loss, so, as always, drink your water.


With this round at least looking like it is coming to an end, give a call to the Wellness Doctor to set up your appointment to come in and get your body re-tuned and feeling good again. The office has it all: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy! And we have the Infrared Sauna and PEMF therapy!! Let us help you recuperate from the hard work of the last week.


Call today: 541-318-1000


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