• Matthew Truhan, L.Ac.

Chinese New Year: The Metal Rat

Happy New Year! Over the weekend, we entered into the first symbol of a new lunar cycle; we enter the year of the Metal Rat. The Chinese zodiac is composed of 12 animals that cycle through each year, and year to year the animals will cycle through 5 elements, creating a 60 year cycle. The legend says the Jade Emperor invited the 12 animals to a party and their order of arrival would signify their zodiac order. The rat, it is said, hitched a ride with the ox and jumped ahead just as they arrived, becoming the first symbol.

As the first symbol of the zodiac, the rat represents the rise of a new day, and is thus yang in nature. Each symbol has its own element resonance and the rat is part of the Earthly Branch.

Rats are usually successful but can be happy living a slow life. Their success is due to

being quick thinkers and clever. Usually they look at the bright side and are thoughtful of others, though their words may absently not reflect this. Rats like to save, up to the hoarding stage, but this can lead to them breaking and spending money on useless things.

The Year of the metal rat should be good for all zodiac signs. As the first symbol and representing the new day, this will be a great time to find new hobbies and show determination for goals set. Success is yours, with careful planning!!

The Chinese New Years gives us a second chance to make some beneficial life changes, or to begin to follow through with the ones made at the New Year: begin a yoga or a meditation class, start preparing more food at home, and/or give yourself a mental or physical tune-up at least once a month with an acupuncture treatment!


Created by Balanced Garden Acupuncture