New Patient Information

Thank you for your interest in Balanced Garden Acupuncture.


Before your first visit, please fill out the New Patient Paperwork. If you forgot, no worries; just try to arrive about 15 minutes early to complete it. If your visit is related to an auto accident, please complete both the New Patient and Auto Accident paperwork.


Make sure to have something to eat before you come in; this is a moving and energetic medicine, and it takes energy to move energy.


Dress for comfort. Loose fitting pants that can be easily rolled up or shorts are great, along with a tank top.

If you are going to be using insurance, please bring your insurance card and ID with you. Not all policies cover acupuncture and some do not cover all of the techniques used in treatment. It is important to know your policy and whether it covers acupuncture services.


For more information on insurance, please click here

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