Treating Auto Accidents with Acupuncture

Motor vehicle accidents can be difficult to recover from. The forces exerted even in a minor accident can cause more damage to the body than expected. Often, due to the emotional excitement of the accident, elevated levels of adrenaline and endorphins will mask the extent of the injuries. Over the next few days, as the initial release of these chemicals winds down, pain and stiffness may begin to be felt in the body, often the neck, upper back and shoulders, or low back, but depending on the position in the car, pain may develop anywhere. When left untreated, these pains can become long term and chronic, making them more difficult to treat.

It’s not just physical trauma; there is an emotional toll paid by the body as well. Many people find themselves fatigued, experiencing appetite or sleep issues, or experience other emotional changes, such as anxiety, frustration, or anger.



Acupuncture treatments are one of the best remedies for both the physical and emotional trauma experienced after motor vehicle accident. It has been proven effective at helping to relieve pain from cervical stains (whiplash), other muscular pains and tightness, as well as the radicular pain, such as numbness, tingling, and radiating pains caused by possible nerve impingement. Along with the physical pains, acupuncture can be used to treat the psycho-emotional issues that arise after an accident as well, improving energy, appetite, and sleep providing a relaxing environment to calm the emotions.

Whether or not you were at fault, in the state of Oregon you are covered! You and the passengers of the car are entitled to personal injury protection (or PIP) of up to $15,000 in medical expenses resulting from the accident. If you get hurt in an accident, you can get help; it’s the law! And keep in mind, seeking treatment as soon as possible will help improve the healing time and prevent the injuries from becoming chronic in nature.

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